Casabus operated by Alsa is the public transport network of buses serving the wider Al Baida community, a conglomeration of 18 territories including the cities of Casablanca and Mohammedia, as well as 16 other urban, suburban or peri-urban communities: Aïn Harrouda, Al Majjatia Ouled Taleb, Beni Yakhlef, Bouskoura, Dar Bouazza, Ech-Challalate, Lahraouyine, Méchouar, Mediouna, Nouaceur, Ouled Saleh, Sidi Hajjaj Ouled Hasser, Sidi Mouss Bend Ali, Sidi Moussa, and Tit Mellil.

The success of the first week of operation of the new Casablanca bus fleet “Casabus by Alsa” was made possible by the enormous efforts deployed by Alsa Al Baida’s team of professionals. With the solid collaboration, remarkable contribution, and the effective support of “Casa transport SA”, a local development company created in 2009 to form a city-wide network of dedicated public transport lanes, and of the Establishment for Intercommunal Cooperation (ECI) of Casablanca “Al Baida”, the long-standing ambition of modernizing public transport in Casablanca is becoming closer to being fully realised.

The delegated management contract between ECI and Alsa Al Baida, a subsidiary of the Alsa Transport SA Group and of Alsa Grupo, has been signed for a period of ten years, and subject to a five year extension. As part of this agreement, Casablanca Transport SA is tasked by the ECI with the operational management of the contract.

Alsa has been, since November 1, 2019, the new bus operator in the “Al Baida” ECI territory , which represents the 18 urban, suburban and peri-urban territories of greater Casablanca
Alsa (Automóviles Luarca SA) is the leading operator in the passenger transport sector. With more than 100 years of experience dedicated to continuous innovation, Alsa is also part of the National Express group, an international public transport operator by bus, coach and rail, present in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, North America, Morocco and the Middle East.

A comfortable environment meeting international standards to ensure pleasant journeys aboard each bus

  • Hot / cold air conditioning
  • CCTV video surveillance with 4 cameras
  • Driver assistance camera
  • 2 fire extinguishers
  • Shielded driver’s cabin
  • Door obstruction detection to prevent entrapment
  • Bus door safety systems to prevent doors from opening while the bus is in motion
  • Safety brakes to immobilise the bus if the doors are open
  • Kneeling device to bring the bus floor closer to the bus stop
  • EBS 5 Electronic braking system
  • Secure tinted windows
  • Access ramp for people with reduced mobility
  • Free customer Wi-Fi
  • Side, front and rear programmable alphanumeric LED displays for route information
  • Operational Information System for real-time location and speed of vehicles

A dynamic identity to match the energy of Casablanca and its people.
650 new buses introduced since February 2021, with a total of 700 new buses in operation by the end of 2021.
Mercedes and Irizar buses chosen for quality service.

Scania Irizar (local production)

  • Vehicles meeting environmentally friendly Euro VI standards
  • 12m (40 feet): 108 people (78 standing, 29 seated with 4 seats for people with reduced mobility).

MERCEDES MB 12m and 18m Conecto buses

  • Vehicles meeting environmentally friendly Euro VI standards
  • 12m (40 feet): 108 people (78 standing, 29 seated with 4 seats for people with reduced mobility).
  • 18m (60 feet): 175 people (139 standing, 32 seated with 4 seats for people with reduced mobility).