You are a public university or high school student living in Greater Casablanca or Mohammedia.

You like to transit freely and safely from your home to your school/university and back.

Casabus by alsa is there for you: we provide monthly top-up student bus cards at unbeatable rates.


Documents for a student card

The signed form* and contract (*free in all our agencies) :

  • The forms are available to students free of charge in commercial agencies.
  • 2 Photos.
  • Copy of a current and valid: student card; or enrolment certificate; or proof of enrolment request.
  • A legalized copy of your CIN ( a Copy of your parent’s or tutor’s CIN if you are a minor).
  • A copy of your residency certificated if you don’t have a CIN.
  • Certificate of non-employment for students aged 25 and over.

Price :

Student cards cost Dh100 per month, with an initial Dh100 registration fee.

Types of subscriptions for students :

Students registered with public university and secondary establishments , including the OFPPT vocational schools, as well as the Mohammedia Network.