Rules and conditions for passengers

Authority and responsibility on board the bus:

The driver is directly responsible for operations during the service.
Drivers and inspection staff have the right to bar access to buses and request that users who break the rules and / or violate these regulations alight from the bus.

It is forbidden to speak to the driver during the journey, while the bus is in motion.

Getting on and off the Bus:

All travellers must board the bus only through the front door and alight only through the central door or the back door once the bus has stopped.

It is forbidden to board or alight from a bus in motion or between stops.

Transport fares:

All persons, including minors, must be in possession of a ticket in accordance with the provisions of the insurance.
Access to the buses is free for children under 4, provided they are accompanied by a paying adult.

The driver is only obligated to provide change for notes equivalent to five times the cost of a journey.

It is necessary to verify that the ticket is appropriate to the journey, and that passes and cards are introduced into the machine next to the driver for validation.

Travellers must keep their ticket with them for the entire journey.
People with reduced mobility are subject to the same fares as other travellers.

It is forbidden to transport animals, baggage over 10 kg (22 lbs) and baggage with dimensions exceeding 85x70x35 cm (33.46’x27.55’x13.78′).

Access to buses for pregnant women, the elderly, people with reduced mobility or strollers:

On dedicated seats, priority is given to people with reduced mobility, pushchairs or strollers, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Vandalism, damage or antisocial behaviour:

Vandalism, damage to the bus or antisocial behaviour of any kind will give rise to legal proceedings and possibly to a criminal conviction of its perpetrator.

Infractions committed by users:

In the event of fraudulent use, the ticket or card will be confiscated and the passenger subject to a formal complaint
It is forbidden to beg on board the buses.


Anyone travelling without a valid ticket will be fined 35 MAD.
Authorized personnel may request the assistance of police officers, and the offender may be charged an additional penalty due to the immobilization of the bus if the offender refuses to pay a fine.

Lost and found items:

Alsa Al Baida is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Restitution to owners of items found is subject to proof of their identity and their signature.

The operator reserves the right to destroy or have destroyed any abandoned object which he considers suspicious and which might compromise the safety of travellers.

Customer service :

Inquiries, complaints and suggestions can be submitted
By phone to Customer Care on +212520552055, open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

By email to, or on the website

To our agencies and sales outlets

Maarif Agency: Angle r. Georges Sand and bd Bir Anzarane, Quartier Val Fleuri, Maarif, 20390 Casablanca

United Nations Agency: Place Nations Unies, 20070 Casablanca

Bernoussi Agency: Bd Al Ghadaoui Abbass, Sidi Bernoussi, 20600 Casablanca

Hay Hassani Agency: Derb Warda, Hay Hassani, 20230 Casablanca

Schedules and other information are subject to change in the event of force majeure or a change in Covid related constraints.

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