Who are we?

Casabus by Alsa is the public transit bus network serving the entire territory of newly created ‘al baīda’. Al Baida is the urban and peri urban authority (ECI) centred around Casablanca and Mohammedia which serves the cities, towns, communities, and people of Aïn Harrouda, Al Majjatia Ouled Taleb, Beni Yakhlef, Bouskoura, Dar Bouazza, Ech-Challalate, Lahraouyine, Méchouar, Mediouna, Nouaceur, Ouled Saleh, Sidi Hajjaj Ouled Hasser, Sidi Mouss Ben Ali, Sidi Moussa Majdoub, and Tit Mellil.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

In partnership with the “Al Amal” N.G.O., volunteer staff of Alsa Al Baida dedicated themselves every day during the holy month of Ramadan to prepare 182 parcels of food and bring a smile to the faces of those in need.
A good number of the staff including the general manager Mr. Safouane Mehdi and the department heads committed to prepare and distribute the ftoor (iftar) every day throughout the holy month of Ramadan and allow as many people as possible to break the fast with dignity.

Museum of Urban Transport of the city of Casablanca

Alsa Al Baida is delighted to have launched an initiative to display and preserve the intangible public transport heritage of the white city. Laying the groundwork for an Urban Transport Museum in the city of Casablanca and “imagined as an invitation to travel through time and discover the historical heritage of the urban transport sector in Casablanca”, the museum will include information, documents and artefacts retracing the history of the sector and the stages of its development over time.

Urban transport is a central service in the lives of citizens, and its evolution reflects the development of cities and countries. We are aware of the importance of the history of urban transport in Casablanca, a sector that is an integral part of the intangible wealth and heritage of the city, and this is what motivated the creation of this museum, to preserve and enrich this common memory, says Mehdi Safouane, Managing Director of Alsa Al Baida.

Alsa Al Baida calls on its employees, Casawis and the general public to donate any documents, objects, photos, posters, artefacts or machines related to the history of public transport in the city. Each contributor will receive a certificate of recognition and will see their name inscribed in the museum’s register of donors, thereby confirming Alsa Al Baida’s commitment to attracting Casawis with quality services and reconcile them with public transport in general.